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Joe Ours


Joseph Ours is an International and Keynote speaker, author, and leader. At Centric Consulting he heads up the Modern Software Delivery practice, focusing on Agile, DevOps, and Testing. Joseph has spent over two decades leading, coaching, speaking, and living the IT industry. With his real-life, in-the-trenches experience, Joseph brings a synergistic and strategic view of Modern Software Delivery that focuses on helping organizations increase their delivery velocity while containing costs and maintaining quality. Joseph is a speaker on behavior psychology topics in IT such as, “Thinking Fast and Slow for IT” and, the author of popular articles, such as, “Why You Need Women Testers”. Joseph has an ability to tackle tough topics and has sparked numerous penetrating conversations around re-thinking IT’s role as a competitive enabler for the business. He has an MBA and two Bachelor’s in Technical Management and Electronic Engineering Technology. Joseph is a certified trainer for The Phoenix Project, a business simulation based on the book of the same. Joseph is the founder and serves as the president of the Central Ohio Software Quality and Management organization, who runs the regional professional development day called QA or the Highway, which sees an annual attendance of over 500. Also: Veteran, Father, Grandfather

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Improving Team Productivity through Deep Work Time/Room:1:20 PM Magnolia - Ingage