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Session Details

Title: Cloud Solution Throwdown!

Speaker(s): John Riley (Karen Hatfield)

Time: 1:10 PM

Room: Savannah


Azure vs. AWS, Docker vs Vagrant, deployment management, configuration management. How do you choose? Collaboration on agile teams often relies on healthy conflict so that self-organizing teams can decide on tough technical challenges to make awesome software. However, what happens if the team or organization simply cannot decide? Participants in this gamified lean coffee/fishbowl discussion format can get their important opinions heard, and month-long debates can be resolved in a few minutes. Those who watch can hear important arguments and real-world experiences on state-of-the-art topics. Come join the fun!

Topic: Cloud Computing

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: throwdown, debate, azure, aws, docker, vagrant, deployment, configuration management, fishbowl, lean coffee