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Title: Scrum is Agile; Agile is NOT Scrum

Speaker: Heather Tooill

Time/Room: 2:40 PM/Sterling (Ascendum)


Agile is a major buzzword in the development industry. However, most of the time when we hear the word Agile, we envision Scrum. I will be reviewing with you the definition of Agile and why Agile is larger than Scrum. Many of you are probably in an environment that is considered "Wagile" or a waterfall and agile mix. I want to challenge you to investigate whether this is actually true. Are you really "wagile" or are you Agile with a mix of agile implementations? Come join me as we investigate the core of Agile and some common environments that don't follow a common Scrum implementation.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile; Scrum; Methodology;