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Title: Row Row Row Your Boat Down the Value Stream

Speaker(s): Dave Davis

Time: 1:30 PM

Room: Magnolia (Ingage)


Abstract: Focusing on value streams makes the value delivered to the customer the cornerstone of project implementation. You need to be able to relate all aspects of your project, especially artifacts, to interconnected value streams throughout the enterprise. This relationship allows you to: 1) Connect multiple processes, teams, and tools; 2) Leverage value centric metrics, 3) Foster cross-team collaboration, and 4) Establish credibility in your project purpose. This presentation will discuss value stream and how to use that as a core component of your project communication. We will have a brief discussion on the purpose of the value stream and then move into visualizing the value stream in your project artifacts. Value stream management communication greatly enhances the value of: Project Plans, Requirements, Epics, Workstream definition, Lessons Learned and delivering value. Beside the artifacts, we will also see how the value stream is an important foundation of all projects including software development, change management, infrastructure, security, and digital transformation. Learning Objectives: 1. Be able to define the Value Stream and its importance to delivering value to the organization. 2. Be able to relate all project deliverables and requirement artifacts and their fit into the company value stream. 3. Chain the benefits of the project outcomes and capabilities throughout the value stream to represent exponential benefits of multiple enhancements. Summary: Punch up the value of your project communication by integrating Value Stream components into project artifacts. Incorporating value stream communication threads throughout the entire project from kickoff to the transition to operations. This presentation will review an actual value stream based project and how that concept helped to reduce the infamous cone of uncertainty.

Topic: Other (Value Stream)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: value stream, coaching, system thinking