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Title: Agile: You Keep Using That Word...

Speaker(s): Phil Japikse (None)

Time: 12:15 PM

Room: Sterling (Pintas & Mullins)


Much like the DOTCOM boom when everyone declared themselves a programmer, once David Norton (Gartner Research) declared agile mainstream on August 26, 2009, you can’t throw a stone without hitting someone who claims to be an Agilista. From the proliferation of “agile” frameworks and certifications to everyone who decided to hang out a shingle as a coach, it can be hard to remember the essence of being agile. In this talk, I remove the fluff and hyperbole and get down to the roots of what it means to be agile.

Topic: Agile Experiences (Other Desc)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile


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