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Title: Quickly Creating Psychological Safety During Team Change

Speaker(s): Rich Theil

Time: 3:55 PM

Room: Magnolia - Ingage


What if your team blazed past the stress of the pandemic, complexities of remote work, and the great resignation without missing a beat? What if they went beyond efficiency & simply being nice to each other to truly challenging each other? You’d get more innovation, better relationships, increased productivity, and more resilience. All for free. This talk introduces a critical framework for how psychological safety develops. With this framework, you can develop it more quickly and take it further than you ever thought possible. You can create a team who has the courage to challenge each other while unlocking both innovation and productivity. We’ll talk about what must be in place at each stage of developing safety. We’ll use the scenario of adding a new person to a team to help understand the full lifecycle of developing safety. We’ll talk about how trust starts low and builds over time. We’ll define psychological safety, share why it matters (it’s not what most think), and provide an array of practical tools for talking about and increasing psychological safety on your team(s). Whether you’re adding or removing people, facing a team that won’t talk, or just looking to take your team to the next level, you’ll identify new ways to help them grow.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: Psychological Safety, Team, Change, OCM, Team Change


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