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Title: Beyond Agile: How to empower your organization's response to change

Speaker(s): Ken Rickard

Time: 11:35 AM

Room: Augusta - Insight


Many organizations chase the Agile and Scrum rainbows only to find more of the same challenges, if not worse, as they cover up their existing issues with new words and no organizational improvements. Maybe this shouldn't be a surprise as both the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide express highly mature organizational stances, yet they intentionally don't tell you how to get there. Rather than focusing on Agile and Scrum, we should instead focus on empowering a system of change that promotes cause and purpose, co-creation, meaningful dialogue, and the adaptability required to enable true agility. In this session, we'll explore how people and organizations gravitate to industry trends instead of realizing what works for them. We’ll explore Lean Change practices that can help us discover which mode of working suits our objectives. And we’ll look over “The 5 Universals of Change” to see how they can guide our coaching and facilitation.

Topic: Scaling/Transformational Agile

Target Audience: Advanced

Keywords: Agile, Lean Startup, Lean Change, Behavioral Science, Complexity Thinking


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