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Title: Dimension of Agility – building a tool for self-assessment

Speaker(s): Mark Haynes

Time: 2:40 PM

Room: Augusta - Insight


as your scrum team lost that Agile feeling? Get back on track with a deeper dive into the dimensions of agility. We will develop a draft for a team’s agile self-assessment tool. The Retrospective is designed to accomplish incremental and iterative improvements based on the team’s feedback. What about building a road map for structural changes over time, that is unbounded by the Sprint? This requires analysis tools to assess the team’s agility. Armed with proper tools you can reinvigorate your team along its path of continuous improvement, team self-actualization, and transparency. This isn’t an agile re-hash of the Capability Model or a linear path to maturity but rather a series of questions based on broad categories used to evaluate your current practices. The degree of importance depends upon your team. I will start us off with my six categories. They are rather broad, and yours may be different. I will provide sub-categories (if needed) to help build your process improvement Milestones. This will be a workshop approach.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: #agile-maturity,#Dimensions-of-agility, #Agile-assessment,#agile-practices


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