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Title: Post Pandemic There are Still12 Steps to an Agile Mindset

Speaker(s): Sam O'Brien (Troy Patton)

Time: 9:10 AM

Room: Augusta - Insight


This talk is a somewhat humorous & equally serious look at the foundations of our craft. While it’s geared more toward new Agile practitioners, veterans can also gain some new insights with this refresher. We dive into the basic Principles exploring their meaning & discussing benefits of Agile practices guided by them. A refresher/reminder of the Manifesto Principles can bring some long practicing Agilists back on track & guide new Agile practitioners in their journey. Challenges faced during the Pandemic and our current “new normal” are woven throughout this talk. You will come away with renewed excitement for our craft.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: General


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