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Title: Be Ambitious With App Modernization (Vendor Session)

Speaker(s): Tony Lunt

Time: 12:30 PM

Room: Augusta - Insight


Application Modernization has become an industry standard term for revamping legacy applications and bringing them into the modern day. Organizations and developments teams are quickly discovering that this process is riddled with dangers and challenges: legacy dependencies, archaic tech stacks, undocumented tribal knowledge, and much more. Often times, these impediments can stem from a narrow view of what it means to truly modernize an application. In this session, we will identify the core pillars of Application Modernization and discuss practical steps that development teams can take to improve and support legacy systems, while also addressing the related organizational challenges. This will be a high-level presentation with an aim to facilitate more effective and ambitious conversations around Application Modernization.

Topic: Other (General Development)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Application Modernization, Development, Agile, Cloud, DevOps


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