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Title: Maximizing Organizational Adoption of Agile Finance

Speaker(s): Andy Gosnell (Doug Henderson)

Time: 11:35 AM

Room: Magnolia - Ingage


Agile impacts and challenges today's finance organization requiring innovative new approaches for success. Unfortunately, financial guidance related to agile is sparse and often lacks practical guidance for adoption. The Agile Finance Framework was developed in direct response to the need for simple and effective methodologies for supporting agile with maximum organizational engagement. This presentation teaches techniques for maximum organizational adoption of the Agile Finance framework with focus on the three themes of Goal-based Modeling, Benefit Refinement, and the Benefit Tracking Toolkit. Finance and budgeting impact us all which is precisely the reason this session is built for all audiences regardless of agile or finance experience. The techniques and framework taught in this session are simple to learn and utilize straight-forward approaches that maximize the financial success of agile in your organization. Participants walk through an agile budget cycle and leave fully equipped with practical solutions for deployment at their organizations. While agile finance is a grass roots movement, the Agile Finance Framework is now in year four of real-world use, having undergone stress tests of corporate restructuring and the pandemic. Come prepared to learn the framework that will unlock financial agility at your organization.

Topic: Other (Agile Finance)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile Finance, Investment, Goal-based Budgeting, Benefit Refinement, Benefit Tracking Toolkit, Simple, Pragmatic, Organizational Engagement, Value Streams


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