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Title: Futurespectives -- The Agile Time Stone

Speaker(s): Jamie Fike

Time: 10:25 AM

Room: Magnolia - Ingage


A futurespective is an inverted retrospective format where, instead of reflecting on the past to identify ways to become more effective, the team starts with the goal before them — from major product releases to achieving the next sprint goal — and explores ways to achieve it in the future. A futurespective asks the team to peer into the future at upcoming increments, product releases or team events to identify goals, articulate what success looks like, and identify potential obstacles. While a retrospective looks back at events that have already happened, a futurespective looks to a point in the future to identify goals, potential risks and solutions. A futurespective could cover a wider breadth of time than a retrospective if the focus is a multi-sprint project. A futurespective starts with the desired outcome and guides the team towards that future state while exploring past outcomes and learnings along the way. The futurespective centers on enhancing solutions, inspects what is going “well” and emphasizes what the team wants. Through this, the futurespective inspires the team to prepare a goal-oriented, solution-based mindset.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: scrum, retrospective, agile, inspect, retros, scrum master, agile coach,


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