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Title: Using concrete data for a more predictable flow of work

Speaker(s): Chuck suscheck

Time: 1:30 PM

Room: Augusta - Insight


Abstract: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use an agile approach and have good data for forecasting when something was going to be done, could shorten cycle time, optimize predictability and delivery speed? I’ll bet it would! This presentation addresses these questions by using a Kanban with Scrum approach, focusing on metrics around a flow-driven work effort for predictability. By the end of the session you’ll have a strategy for collecting and understanding data that can be applied to any of the above questions. Prerequisites: The attendees should know what the agile mindset is and have heard of Kanban. Information for Program Team: This session will be based on’s Professional Scrum with Kanban class, a well established class presented by numerous PSTs. It will take some of the flow metrics, WIP, cycle time, SLAs and show how these can be used to manage flow and set up a certain level of predictability. Frankly it has changed the way I approach scrum at the team level. Objectives: Student will describe the difference between throughput and cycle time. Students will be able to explain the importance of flow to optimizing throughput and cycle time. Student will understand the effect of WIP on throughput and cycle time. Students will be able to explain how throughput and cycle time can be used to enhance predictability. Students will be exposed to Monte Carlo simulation as a forecasting tool.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: General


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