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Title: From Developer to Cloud Architect - Strategies for Success

Speaker(s): Sean Whitesell

Time: 2:40 PM

Room: Marquis - Ascendum


You're a developer, and now an architect. Not only an architect but a cloud architect. You're happy for the job but overwhelmed with everything that goes with the job. From networking skills to handling audits, a cloud architect has much to handle in the day-to-day challenges. What do you need to really succeed at your job? In this talk, I'll go over strategies considered crucial to being a good cloud architect such as a security mindset and preparing for the future. I'll present some tips on overcoming the seemingly insurmountable challenges. And you'll learn how your experience as a developer strengthens your cloud architect skills. Let the strategies in this talk help you stop feeling overwhelmed and instead empower you as a cloud architect.

Topic: Other (Personal Growth)

Target Audience: Introduction


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