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Title: Winning as the Home Team

Speaker(s): Michael Dowden

Time: 2:40 PM

Room: Magnolia - Ingage


The process of building Great Software can be broken down to a number of processes and attributes that center around communication. From requirements to code to documentation, standups to retrospectives, we build our software teams around specific interactions and communication channels. The typical picture of a software team shows a group of people collaborating around a marker board in a room full of computers. But is this really necessary? This talk will break down the processes of building software together as a team, and show how things change when you are no longer sharing the same room. You will learn about the practices and tools one company uses to successfully run remote-only software projects, with developers that work from home. From leadership styles, to meeting schedules, to coding practices, we’ll get into specifics about what it takes to be a winning team when everyone is working from home. And finally, there will be a comparison between working from home in 2019 and 2020.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: Introduction

Keywords: Remote Work, Agile


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