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Title: Value Stream - We Have to Scale More than Agile; We’ve Got to Scale Everything

Speaker(s): Dave Davis

Time: 4:00 PM

Room: Augusta - TQL


One of the hottest topics in the PMO world today is how to properly scale agile projects to work across multiple initiatives the PMO is addressing. However agile is just a subset of all the work being delivered by a project management organization, we need to figure out how to scale all aspects of the work being developed within the PMO. This means figuring out how to scale not only agile projects, but infrastructure projects, product implementation projects, organizational change management projects, product configuration projects, and the ongoing support and maintenance of existing products. This presentation will examine using the “Flex” model to scale whole work within the PMO. In this work starts at the intake process, includes benefits management/realization, and continues through transition to operations. This is a tremendous endeavor. This presentation will help to define these different components and work towards the discipline the PMO needs in order to help the business succeed. The PMO will need to have complete buy-in from the business units, from the supply chain, and from the supporting organizations in order to properly scale all the initiatives. In this scale not only includes resource utilization but also includes the actual product evolution itself and delivery of the benefits required of the work effort. Learning Objectives: 1) The participant will be able to articulate the issues surrounding scaling all work within the PMO to all stakeholders and business owners. 2) The participant will be able to identify all the components that need scaled within the PMO including resource utilization, benefits realization, product development, organizational change management, and various methodologies. 3) Participant will be able to define a process using the ”Flex” model to visualize how to scale all the work activities and the necessary sub processes required to support such a massive endeavor.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: value stream, DA, DASCSM, CDAI PMO