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Title: Improving Team Productivity through Deep Work

Speaker(s): Joe Ours

Time: 1:20 PM

Room: Magnolia - Ingage


When our ears are bombarded with sound, we feel it physically. It hurts, and it hurts a lot. But sound isn’t the only thing bombarding us today. In today’s modern world, it is information. A constant stream of useful, not so useful information. In fact, Eric Schmidt, then the CEO of Google, shared a concern about this constant bombardment: “Every two days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003.” This is such an issue that on average our economy looses up to one trillion dollars ($1T) every year due to distractions. In fact, Cal Newport, a Georgetown Professor states, “…the ability to stay focused will be the new superpower of the 21st Century.” The magnitude of the problem is so large, we don’t feel the same physical pain that our ears would. These distractions affect our productivity, efficiency, and even our effectiveness. In this fun, engaging, and hands-on talk we will become acquainted with concepts discussed in books such as ‘Deep Work’, ‘Pragmatic Thinking and Working’, and ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’. We will discuss the data around distractions interruptions and their impacts on work quality and speed. More importantly, we’ll discuss concepts that we have used to help our teams achieve 3-fold productivity improvements. Come learn how to you and your teams can minimize the impacts of everyday disruptions, as well as how to avoid disruptions in and of themselves in an open space and team environment.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile, Productivity, Teams