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Title: Ubiquitous Computing: Enhancing the Human Experience (Vendor Session)

Speaker: Paul Mealy (Alex Matsukevich Director of Mobile Practice, Sajith Wanigasinghe Sr. Consultant Technology Practice)

Time/Room: 11:30 AM/Augusta - Fusion


Ubiquitous computing is the idea that sufficiently advanced technologies will permeate and enhance users' lives without competing for their attention or diminishing the human experience. Own an Apple Watch or Fitbit? Used a smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home? Perhaps you've used a smart thermostat like a NEST, utilized smart bulbs or locks, or even ridden in a self-driving car? If so, you've used a ubiquitous computing application. Do you want humans to be more like computers or computers be more human? Join us for a panel discussion on how ubiquitous computing devices, machine learning and technologies such as augmented reality are going to enhance our interactions with the world in the near future.

Topic: Other (Ubiquitious Computing )

Target Audience: General

Keywords: ubiquitious computing AI Machine Learning Augmented Reality


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