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Title: 3 Minute Improv Games to Improve Your Teams

Speaker: Wayde Stallmann

Time/Room: 8:15 AM/Marquis - Ascendum


The problem with many agile teams is that they simply never become a team. This often manifests itself as team members feeling unsafe or not quite trusting each other. This workshop will show you how the same techniques improv theater troupes use to improve collaboration, creativity, and communication can be used to help agile teams, too. The three-minute improv warm-up games Wayde Stallmann will lead you through in this session—including improv's famous "yes, and" technique—will help you learn to establish trust, improve collaboration, and learn how to provide a safe environment for your team to bond. You also will get a flier explaining the top twenty improv games, allowing you to leave with actionable material to use immediately upon returning to work so that you can help your team reach its full potential.

Topic: Other (Teamwork)

Target Audience: General

Keywords: improv, warmups


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