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Title: Why Do We Need Business Agility? … because the world is moving too fast not to be Agile!

Speaker: Susan Strain

Time/Room: 10:35 AM/Augusta - Fusion


Since XP2002 when the Standish Group produced the pie chart showing features used in a typical system, to 2017 when they revisited the study, the software development world has embraced incremental delivery methods; still only about 20% of the features are used always or often. Business has viewed Agile as an, "IT thing" that did not affect them. Business people continue to come up with unproven ideas and still want to wait for that big-bang feature-packed go-live. With technology enabling disruption at breathtaking speeds, that are not slowing down; business agility is mandatory to survive. We will look a disruptor and the disrupted companies, how they relate; how some of the largest enterprises are approaching business agility; and frameworks to help your business agility transformation.

Topic: Scaling/Transformational Agile

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Business Agility, Disruption


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