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Title: Selling Agility to my Organization

Speaker: Hunter McCluer

Time/Room: 3:05 PM/Augusta - Fusion


How can I easily show and sell the Value of Agile at Scale and Business Agility to my organization? You have a lot going on in your organization. Always seems like there is more work that capacity. Many times, teams are not in sync, and work/solutions cause unforeseen impacts. In addition, there are always great new ideas, new requests coming in from customers, and business and technology teams. How can you understand it all? How can you and your teams quickly see, understand, come to an agreement on, and invest in / support work from a holistic picture? And, how can you see and plan for the unknowns, that you know are coming? Come see how a few fun, interactive games, and a very large Planning Board "Wall" can easily show and sell the value of Lean and Agile to your organization!

Topic: Scaling/Transformational Agile

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: Business Agility, Agile @ Scale, Organizational Agility, Selling Agile, Agile Games