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Title: Rediscovering XP: Extreme Programming. Retro? or Resurgent?

Speaker: Mark Windholtz

Time/Room: 12:45 PM/Augusta - Fusion


In the late 1990's and 20-aughts XP: Extreme Programming was disrupting software processes everywhere. The Values, Principles, and Practices have guided many software teams to success. Since then the term "Agile" was coined and has come to represent a variety of practices. Many teams are missing parts of what the original XP. Still today, successful teams are using some or all of XP practices. If your team is struggling, maybe you are missing a parts of the puzzle. This talk will be the story of XP and a review of the Values and Practices. We will talk about how the Practices fit together and reinforce each other. And how some teams are missing either the Business Practices or the Engineering Practices of XP.

Topic: Agile Experiences

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile Engineering, ExtremeProgramming, History


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