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Title: Building Diverse Blockchain Communities for a Decentralized Future

Speaker: Jocelyn Matthews

Time/Room: 10:35 AM/Marquis - Ascendum


Decentralization and blockchain technologies apply the principles of open, transparent collaboration to our burgeoning world of opportunity. Because of this, you would expect blockchain technology to be on the forefront of equality, women empowerment, and inclusiveness. Yet women hold just 8.5% of leadership roles. Communities are where tech is formed. Ensuring that women are heard and acknowledged in their respective technical communities is critical. Blockchain and decentralized technologies are irrevocably changing the role of information in the world, and poised to bring in the most critical shifts in gender roles, the meaning of money, censorship, identity, and what power means in the world. It is imperative that women not only act in this process as consumers, but as a driving force.

Topic: Other (Community )

Target Audience: General

Keywords: community, blockchain, decentralization, women, oss, opensource, inclusion, diversity, cloud